Exterior Mississauga Painting

Painting Mississauga Signage

Sometimes restoring a structure makes way more sense, environmentally or financially, than replacing it. This was the case when our Missisauga Painters were asked to work on the finish of this sign at the Toronto Pearson International Airport area. The original blue colour was fading, peeling and rust was making its appearance everywhere.
First of all, the surfaces had to be washed. This being the airport area, there was a lot of loose dirt and stains that had to be washed off. After the wash, all the loose rust had to be sanded down to a sound surface. All previously rusted and exposed spots had to be spot-primed with a rust primer. After priming,  two coats of black semigloss rust enamel had to be applied by brush.

Mississauga Signage Project Completed
During the project he weather was great and every surface had a chance to dry properly.
The only challenge was that the entire structure was infested with wasps and our painters had some difficulty working around them.
This project was completed just before Labour Day in 2009. In addition to the regular noise of Airport traffic, the Snowbirds were practicing for their Exhibition Show.

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