Graffiti Removal in Toronto

Graffiti removal services by our specialty or painting contractors fills an immediate need for some Toronto property owners.
Graffiti is any type of public marking.
It can be as simple as words or it can even be elaborate wall paintings.
Graffiti has existed since ancient times and is still present as a form of expression in most countries. In some cases we can even see graffiti employed to communicate social and political messages.
Graffiti can sometimes make people concerned about their personal safety, as often graffiti is related to vandalism, radicalism, rebellion, etc.

What does graffiti do to your business?              
The presence of graffiti on public or private property can have a negative impact.
Graffiti can contribute to lost sales. Studies have shown that customers have a tendency to feel less safe in areas where graffiti is present.
The value of a business property gets negatively affected by the presence of most graffiti. It becomes more difficult to sell and the property’s value keeps going down. Business locations are less appealing to those who may be looking to buy.
Most graffiti is applied with spray paint, markers, lip stick, stencils and etching products.
Sometimes, the city will remove the graffiti but charge the business owner a fee. But in most cases, private business are responsible for removing graffiti on their property.
There are three different methods to remove graffiti from your Property.
Painting the surface: Painting over graffiti with stain blockers. It applies to treating previously painted surfaces only.
Chemical Removal: It involves the use of solvents to remove graffiti.
Power washing: This method removes graffiti by applying water under pressure. Sometimes water can be used in combination with a solvent.
Before choosing the appropriate method for graffiti removal, a contractor should carefully consider the surface, budgets and cost and possible restrictions.