Vinyl Cove Base Installation in Toronto

Our professional Toronto area painters can remove and install vinyl base moulding in your commercial facility.

During painting, the baseboards need to masked properly and protected from paint. Some of the vinyl base has a lot of damage from everyday use and many previous paint jobs. Removing existing old vinyl base cove baseboards and replacing it with new one makes sense and it is of great value. The final look completes the paint job aesthetically and at the same time offers new protection to the freshly painted walls.

The seemingly easy job of removing the old vinyl baseboards can be a disaster if it is not done correctly. Some carpet and floor installation companies, if not careful, can damage the drywall behind it and create a big job for the painters. Sometimes the seal of the glue to the wall has to be broken before removing. If necessary our painters can patch and repair the damaged to the wall before installation.

Installing vinyl base presents it’s own challeges. If not done professionally, the glue itself can be very messy and damage the floors or the newly painted walls. Corners can be very difficult and look uneven and proper measurements of the material can be crucial.

There are different types of adhessive and contact cement type materials that can be used. Some of the old type, solvent based glue can emit harmful odour and is very high in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). That smell can linger for many days and cause respiratory problems to some people.

There are alternative low pollution adhesives that are practically odourless. Ask your Toronto Contractor about them. They are highly recommended in occupied spaces such as offices, schools, health  care facilities, retail stores etc. Some of them come ready with self-adhesive material that eliminates the need for any glue. Colour selection  can be limited but there are a few colours available to complement most wall and floor colour choices.