Wallpaper Removal Services in Toronto

Our professional Toronto painters can remove that old wallpaper in your commercial facility.

There are wallpaper removal solutions that can be used. Some work better than others, but most of them do an acceptable job of penetrating the top layer and loosening the wallpaper glue. There are also professional grade solutions that can do the job quicker.
Some of these wallpaper removal solutions are harmful to painters and their customers.

Painting Contractors working for COMPASE can be asked to use a solution that is made from natural materials and is practically odourless.
That special solution for wallpaper removal is not currently available in Toronto and has to be ordered.
Unlike most commercially available solutions it is so harmless that using gloves, skin protection and even room ventilation are not necessary.

The type of wallpaper used can determine how difficult or easy it is to remove.
Peelable Wallpaper: Decorative vinyl layer wallcovering with a paper backing.
Strippable Wallpaper: Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering.
Non-Peelable Wallpaper: Wallcovering that will not come off in the wall in strips or sheets such as foil.

Some of the problems related to wallpaper removal are caused by the difficulty of washing the residue glue off the walls. Sometimes that proves to be almost impossible and a specialty solvent primer has to be used. Another issue is the damage to the walls, especially if they were not primed properly during installation. That damage can be extensive and major patching and skimming of the surface may become necessary. Sanding of major repair work can create a lot of dust. The area affected has to be isolated from the rest of the facility and draped with plastic to prevent dust from circulating. After sanding the surface a specialty primer needs to be used. Most of these primers are solvent based. Your Toronto painting contractor can be asked to use primers with low odor. After the wallpaper has been removed and walls have been prepped. New wallpaper can be installed or walls can be painted.