Epoxy Coatings-Concrete Floor Paint

Epoxy floor coatings can present a great alternative to traditional floor solutions. Increasingly in many Toronto commercial or industrial buildings, epoxy coatings are being used. They are seen as a low maintenance solution to a high traffic floor problem. In retail showrooms and especially automotive locations such as car dealerships and garage floors, epoxy floors are a perfect choice. Their resistance to abrasion and heat makes them very durable.

Other characteristics and advantages of epoxy finishes are
• Ease of maintenance
• Adhesion to almost any surface
• Rust Resistance
• Great in institutions where food grade products are needed or hygienic concerns are priority.
• Water resistant
• Relatively quick curing

There are three basic types of Epoxy:

Solvent based, water based and 100% solids.
The 100% solids epoxy is the strongest epoxy available. It is also the most expensive and it requires a lot of experience in application. Solvent based epoxy are also durable but toxic because of the solvent content. Water based epoxies are the less durable of them all but still a very good alternative and great value. It is also easier to apply.

Even though most commercial facilities in the GTA have been using a Grey colour, some epoxy coatings can also be tinted in many different colours and also come in clear as well.

Epoxy is usually very glossy and maintains its wet just painted look for a long time. At the same time that makes it very slippery. As a result some customers prefer that silica sand is added to the finish to prevent it from being too slippery. Of course that makes it  more difficult to keep and maintain clean. Epoxy or any floor finish should not be used on wet or moist floors.

There are different alternatives to epoxy floor coatings. Acrylic Floor and Porch paints can be used on concrete applications where light wear and tear is expected.

Polyurethane coatings and stains are also a good durable and less expensive alternative but they are not as durable as the epoxy floor finishes.