Industrial Painting in Toronto, Ontario

COMPASE offers Industrial Painting Services to customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our Toronto paint contractors have the experience and will work hard around the clock to service the industrial painting needs of your plant or manufacturing facilities.
Within a facility there are many surfaces that require maintenance and coating protection. The hard use of equipment such as fork-lifts and even everyday foot traffic can cause wear and tear on floors. Continuous chemical and oil use can destroy floor coatings.
Cleaning and degreasing floors and then recoating them with epoxy or other floor coatings becomes necessary.

Walls and ceilings need to be cleaned and painted as well. Maintenance and aesthetics may not the only reason. A coat or two of light colour paint will help with reflection of light and create a brighter more pleasant work area.
Metal structures within the facility and various equipment needs to be cleaned maintained and painted. This can delay corrosion and extend the life of the equipment.

A lot of  Toronto Industrial painting work needs to be completed with very little disruption to the everyday routine of the customer. Painting contractors specializing in Industrial painting in Toronto must have painters crews available to work afterhours or during the weekend. Industrial painting projects sometimes are large and completion of the project within a short period of time is a challenge. Sometimes work has to be divided between 2-3 weekends to minimize the inconvenience to the customer.

Preparation of substrates before coating is even more important for industrial painting projects. Grease, oil, chemicals, rust, dirt, all have to be removed completely to help with the adhesion of the new coating. Pressure washing, sandblasting, chemical degreasing, even stripping and other methods have to be utilized. Painting contractors have to be experienced with that process.

Even though the traditional brush and roll methods can still be utilized when painting in small industrial jobs, spray painting is the preferred  and more efficient method used by Toronto industrial painting contractors.

COMPASE provides Industrial Painting services throughout the Greater Toronto Area from Oshawa to the east to Oakville and Mississauga to the west.