Line Painting / Line Marking in Toronto

COMPASE is now offering Line Painting and Line marking in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)Line Painting Toronto
There are of course different kinds of line painting for diffrent purposes.
There is Parking line painting, Road marking, Warehouse marking, Sport Court marking just to name some.

Maintaining your Toronto underground garage or a parking lot represent great value to your company.
As a business owner, one of the most important things you want to offer to your customers is safety. By creating lines in your parking lot of your GTA facility you will promote safety for your customer.
In small areas, proper marking helps to use the space in a more efficient way.
When painting lines on a parking lot, there are different parking symbols which have the function of helping direct traffic and increase pedestrians’ awareness. Some of those symbols are:

Line painting Toronto
Accessibility Symbols
Speed bump
Truck/Bus stalls
Regular stalls
Curbs and Bumpstops
Small car

Line Marking                       Painting road lines requires a step a step process to follow.  It starts with measuring the area, designing the layout, then preparing the superficie and more, till the job is completed. A paint truck is the most efficient and quick method, when painting roads in Toronto.
There are three different material that can be used, paint, plastic and tape. It is common to see the use of tape for creating temporary layouts. There are different types of road marking: Dividing lines, Broken Lines, Fire lines, Drive-Thru Lanes, Stop bar, No parking lines, Directional arrows.

Are you a warehouse owner in Greater Toronto Area?

If you are, one of the goals you want to achieve as owner, is the maximum, safe and efficient use of space of your facility.

Playgrounds and Sport courts require specialized designs. Sport Court areas could be designed for a specific sport or multi-sport layout.

Sport Court Marking can be adapted to your space or can be produced to meet regulation sizes. Playground Marking will allow you to transform your facilities, and turn it into a attractive playspace for children in your community.