Toronto Office Painting Contractor

When hiring Office Painters to paint Toronto Office space, there are certain points to consider.

• Are the Painting Contractors fully insured?
• Are they experienced with working around office staff?
• Can they work evenings, nights or weekends if necessary?
• Are they knowledgeable about the latest paints and coatings?

An office painting project can last a few days or even weeks, depending on the size of the office building and scheduling arrangements.

Painters will be walking around the office for a few days, practically being part of the work community.

For that reason you want painters that are uniformed, polite and well trained to provide customer service on a daily basis.
Everyday work and routine of the office staff cannot be interrupted significantly. Dust from preparation work and sanding has to be contained. Freshly painted areas need enough drying time before being put back to service. Scheduling the areas to be painted takes daily communication between facility managers and the paint contractor. “Wet Paint” signs have to be used at all times.

The smell of paint and Indoor Air Quality is a significant issue these days. Paint manufacturers have developed coatings with low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) to reduce air pollution. Is your Paint Contractor knowledgeable about the latest developments in zero VOC paints? Sometimes something as simple as choosing a darker colour can increase the smell of paint dramatically. The latest paints have colourants that are waterbourne, making it easy to choose any colour without affecting the Indoor Air Quality of the Office Building.

Ask your Toronto Painters about the latest products and materials.

Sometimes it is impossible to take care of the above issues without doing most of the work during evenings and weekends. The painting contractor should be able to accommodate that by having enough trained painters available to work weekends and evenings. In that case, paint will be dry, furniture will be put back in place dust will be cleaned and the smell will almost disappear by the time everyone gets back to work.