Toronto Mural Painting & Graphics

Installing Custom GraphicsBuilding owners and managers are hiring artists and painting companies to paint wall murals for their business. There are promotional reasons for this of course, but strategic mural painting can also be used to deter graffiti in some areas. Institutions and local governments are using murals to beautify neighbourhoods and what were previously blank and large walls, can now add a lot of life to a neighbourhood. COMPASE, as part of it’s Commercial Painting Services in Toronto is offering Mural Painting for Business customers and Institutions.
Attractive wall murals can be used on both exterior or interior walls and can have a powerful effect on surroundings. Whether Painting a mural in a restaurant, or mural painting in Daycare Centres or care facilities, murals’ commercial applications today are almost limitless.
Murals can be seen in many places. Staircases, office building walls, exteriors, any large open wall space can be painted to create a certain mood for the  customers or users.

Businesses can use custom graphics to enhance their brand identity in a retail or hospitality setting.
Graphics can be used in sign making, or to create and reproduce logos on a large surface.
In large office buildings the main lobby can be decorated to convey a powerful branding message to all visitors and employees alike.

COMPASE through its contacts  with local Toronto artists is now servicing the Mural Painting, graphics and other decorative Painting needs of the corporate community in the Greater Toronto Area.