Painting Underground Parking Garage in Toronto

Painting and maintaining the underground parking garage of a commercial or condominium building in Toronto makes great financial sense. It also represents great value.
Most building owners and managers in Toronto usually do a great job maintaining their common and public areas.
Hallways and stairways are usually clean and bright, elevators are presentable, entrance and lobby areas can even outright sparkle with welcoming elegance.
Outdoor landscaping and structures are usually kept up and the exterior surfaces and paint of a building are mostly well maintained.
The underground parking garage of a building does not always get the attention it deserves.

Paint on the walls and ceilings can get very dirty, pipes and other metal surfaces can start rusting and parking lines get worn and dirty, therefore unsafe. Lighting conditions can also be affected when painted surfaces are not as bright as they used to be. By painting the underground parking garage with a bright white, the area will be much brighter due to the reflective qualities of the white colour. At the same time some money can be saved by reducing the amount of expensive light fixtures necessary.

The safety of the tenants and visitors is also paramount. Residents and users of the parking facilities can walk confidently from and to their cars when the space is very bright and well lit.
Aesthetics actually do have a role to play when painting he parking garage. Very often the first impression by a visitor is made in the parking area, as most people drive to the building. A freshly painted and clean underground garage can make a great impression, look almost new and speak volumes about the quality of the building.

It is also easier to clean surfaces when they are  freshly painted. As a result, regular maintenance is easier and less costly for the building staff.