Painting Office space after hours.

Painting of Toronto Offices
Even with the use of zero VOC paints, painting office space during regular business hours can be inconvenient and even harmful to the office staff and everyday users of the space.
Responsible Painting Contractors will try to minimize the effect their painting services have on the everyday operations of the facility and the indoor air quality.
Office staff will need to share their every day space daily with painters and their equipment. Painters need to use the common areas, washroom sinks, parking spaces. They need to transfer supplies and equipment through busy elevators, lobbies and hallways.
Preparation work and wall repairs can create a lot of dust, also floors equipment and furniture will be covered with drop-cloths and plastic protective covers.
Arranging to have the painting job completed after-hours or during the weekend can solve most of these problems. With today’s fast drying compounds and paints every space can be scheduled to be completed before work starts in the morning. With the fast drying times and low odour of eco-friendly paints available today, this would make perfect sense.
Even more now, the choice of the Painting contractor becomes more crucial. Experienced and trained painters must be available to work after-hours . This time more than ever  the  contractor must be fully insured and carry WSIB Insurance as they will be working alone and even have access to important areas.
It is a good idea to obtain references of previous customers and ask them about their own impression of the contractor.
COMPASE contractors are experienced and knowledgeable when servicing office painting customers.
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